Roy Chapman Andrews in Mongolia

Roy Chapman Andrews (January 26, 1884 – March 11, 1960) was an American explorer, adventurer and naturalist who became the director of the American Museum of Natural History. He is primarily known for leading a series of expeditions through the fragmented China of the early 20th century into the Gobi Desert and Mongolia. The expeditions made important discoveries and brought the first-known fossil dinosaur eggs to the museum.


  1. Тухайн үедээ дуулиан тарьж байсан экспедици байх аа. Рой Чапман чинь рок дуучин билүү? гэж асуух хүн олон болсон нь харамсалтай

  2. Tiim shuu, sayhan bi halt harsan ,tuunii sudalgaagaar nom gargasan bailee. mongold suugaa ANU-iin elchi said.


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